Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Providing Access to Healthcare

As you may know, one key to having access to healthcare is being able to get to your appointments. We have found that this can be an issue for many who desperately are in need of care. The traditional ways of transportation may not fit the needs of the individual so we offer an alternative that is convenient, safe and affordable. 

The members we serve are a broad range of people. Some are healthy. Some struggle with chronic conditions. Some need active caregivers to help them manage their health care plans. Others are independent and capable of taking care of themselves. Some are technologically savvy and others are not. We want to make access to health care easy so members can reach us as they prefer—phone, fax, mobile, desktop—wherever or whenever a member needs transportation to a doctor. Members can contact us 24/7/365 to schedule an appointment. 




Members, families, social workers, and health care professionals all book rides via our online reservation portals or call centers. MerNell ensures eligibility and schedules the most appropriate transportation provider to meet their needs.


Drivers pick members up at their homes, take them to their appointments and bring them home in a timely manner. If that ride doesn’t happen to the member’s satisfaction, we care, and will assign a staff member to help. More often than not drivers go above and beyond the call of duty. 

We monitor the ride through GPS Location Services and random curbside checks. We also provide additional services to help coordinate the many providers a member may need to organize. 

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As a transportation manager truly committed to serving members with compassion and excellence, we work with all these organizations and more to make sure that members get where they need to go in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner.